A Memetic Social Machine

People are stuck because they aren’t aware of mechanics that are driving them.

We have been programmed for survival but truth since we were born. We have a pretty fixed and biased framework to think about everything, including educating kids, even adults educating themselves. We want our kids to absorb the same information and framework as we were. We want them to be 'survived' all along the way because we have been there before. We achieved something, so we want them to have it too.

We are so used to compare everything with others, social status, titles, degrees, numbers in our bank account. In the end, we are playing a game invented by the old society. We don't want to lose no matter what. We made ourselves overloaded, also made the environment overloaded. In all along the way, we all create a mind for ourselves that is very similar to our 'peers".

Ironically, over time, we still want our kids to continue this game. Because human beings want to maintain the legacy, the success our generation created. Some people would argue that the world has changed from time to time. On the surface of the culture? Yes. But, if you dig deep enough, every new generation just invented a new kind of way to play the same old game, a memetic game.